NTEMC Regions

NTEMC regions are currently based on the ten FEMA Regions. Below is a Map of the FEMA Regions. Clicking on the different Regions of the map will bring you to the respective Regional Tribal EM Council homepage.

link for Region X active, help us make all the Regions active, please join NTEMC!!!

also: FEMA Regional Contacts

FEMA Regions Map. Region Ten Region Four Region Eight Region One Region Five Region Seven Region Nine Region Two Region Six Region Three

Maps of Indian Tribes & reservations

 There are currently no definitive Maps available that show an accurate and current depiction of all the Indian Tribes and Reservations in the United States. The best map we found was produced by the National Park Service:

Indian Reservations in the Continental United States

Index of Map of Indian Reservations

American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States Wall Map (2000, US Census)